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Any aspect of AA from our personal experience, strength and hope on literature, slogans, steps, traditions, service etc… The post will be published as “Jane Anonymous or Johnny Anonymous” and the link will be sent to the author.

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September 2021
In my final, sober year of college, I felt I was finally living up to my potential. I finally became a responsible adult who could fulfill obligations and be a functioning member of society.
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February 2021
I can remember bits and pieces of that brisk fall night/morning (depending on how you wanna look at it). I pushed myself up after waking up with one of the worst neck cramps. I had passed out on the couch, lets back up just a minute let me rephrase that, it wasn’t “the” couch, it was “a” couch and it wasn’t mine. As I looked around, I saw that it was a couch next to a pile of boxes, a broken cabinet and 2 trash cans. Where was I?
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December 2020
Should I keep my old drinking friends or not? That was a big question in my early sobriety. Were they really true friends I wondered? I realized now how they enabled and encouraged me. Not good. But I enabled and encouraged them also.
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Almost everyone I met early in AA warned me I would lose anything I put in front of my sobriety and not to spend time in places where people drank. But I enjoyed cruises so much. I knew from years of going on cruises that most of the space was bedrooms, bars and restaurants. And the bedrooms and restaurants all had their own bars. I made good use of those bars and the all inclusive drink packages the cruise lines offered. No matter what cruise day I always averaged between 23 and 26 drinks a day...
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